Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Changing Weather

When I opened my door this morning, I stepped right into some wet snow. In fact, it was all white again here on Tunnel Mountain. My appreciation of that was indeed very limited. I walked over to the shower house and had myself a good soak.  Refreshed. I had myself a toast & jam breakfast with a fast cup of coffee, the kind which will dissolve in hot water. But it’s a good one, in fact the best you can buy. I’m kind of fuzzy with my coffee. It’s too thin or too strong I pour it away. Gotta be right.
20140428_100431_5In order to get a coffee “on the go”, Canadians prefer Tim Hortons. They prefer it so much that they are willing to stand in line for 30 minutes, just to get that desired coffee.

Just like me this morning at the airport…

When I arrived at the bus garage it was sleeting. I had another trip to Calgary on my plate, the third on in 3 days. I’m starting to get to know that piece of the road.

Which is good.

Taking pictures? Forget it. There was NOTHING to see out there. Just plain greyness. However, while I was parked in a waiting bay at the Airport, the weather lightened up. It wouldn’t be Calgary without it. If you don’t like the weather. just wait 5 minutes. After lunch downtown, (guess what, I even found an empty spot for the bus), the trail went westward to Banff. where our destination was “The Gondola”.
It lets people get up to the top of Sulphur Mountain. It’s quite the ride and in spite the early season the place was teeming with people. 
Have you ever seen this monster before? It is made to run on a glacier. Yes, you can take the ride on the biggest glacier in North America, the Columbia Icefield. This one was just on display for the public to see. It’s “Made in Calgary”.

Afterwards I suggested scenic Bow Falls and that’s where my people from Thailand spent considerable time. They walked on snow, sat in the snow and took lots of pictures!
I was watching from the distance and had me a chuckle or two.

There was even a wedding party at work getting their pictures taken.
By now, the weather had turned into the nicest spring weather, the sun was out and I could see people walking all over the place. Supposedly we’ll have some more nice weather tomorrow.
Let’s hope that for we’ll go up the famous ICEFIELD PARKWAY.

Thanks for dropping in again!


  1. It's hard to imagine snow when our forecasted temperature today is expected to reach 90. One's too hot and the other's too cold for us.

  2. Definitely no snow down here. but we have wind today. I really want to be on the road but glad I'm not today.

  3. Looks like you are experiencing the weather and some great sights as well, nice to be paid for all that fun.

  4. Been to the Calgary Airport a couple times back in the early 70's. Don't remember much about it but I've heard it has really expnded since I was last there. Missed the Columbia Icefields but have been to Banff & Jasper. Beautful country out there. Lived in BC's Okanagan Valley for about 3 years in the early 70's & always loved traveling through the Rocky Mountains coming & going to & from Ontario.

  5. Betcha the kids in the wedding picture were saying "Take the damn picture FAST ! We're freezing !!" LOL

    It sure is pretty there. No doubt about that.


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