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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Mr.Murphy And Me (monday’s post)

Alright, it was the big screw-up day. While I was as early as possible at the storage place to pick up our trailer and get the U-Haul truck nothing ever worked out today. They gave me this brand-new FORD pickup truck. It had a hitch receiver and I put my hitch in there, got the trailer on the ball and pulled out. I was barely out on the road when I noticed that the truck didn’t have brake controller. Ouch. As a result the trailer has no braking capabilities and shoved the truck a good part down the road towards the intersection. I just heard the gravel under the braked-up wheels and thought I better be cautious with this. I managed to get the rig onto TC1 towards Banff but 50mph was the max. without landing in the ditch. Turned out the truck, an F150 was too lightweight.  I finally pulled out at the next gas station and left the trailer parked in the rear. I brought the truck back to the storage and told the small girls what was wrong. Next thing I knew was that I got a 17ft. box truck. It hd a different hitch setup but the truck was heavy and had lots of power.

When I was back at the gas station with the new rig I backed it up to the trailer and had the hitch almost on, but then something was in the way. The truck had a steel bar underneath the ball and that bar was sticking out too far, so it collided with the tongue of the trailer and blocked the ball from sliding into the hitch. I tried it in a different angle, but no way that anything worked out.

So again, I had to leave the trailer alone. I brought the truck back a 2. time and luckily they did not charge me for this adventure.

A TOW SERVICE could be my salvation. The girls had a business card and we called the guy. He made me an acceptable offer and we agreed to meet at the Petro Station at the TC1.  I took my JEEP and drove out there to meet the guy.

He never showed up!

So what now?  I decided to spend the night in the trailer and call for another tow service tomorrow. Maybe I get lucky.


  1. Oh no! I'm anxious to hear what happened next.

  2. Jeeze, Sounds like my kinda days. I thought those things only happened to me !!

    1. Nope Denise, I'm one of them guys. Even though not toooo often ;-)

  3. Oh Peter - I'm so sorry for you having such a terrible day. I sure hope tomorrow is a much much better day for you.

  4. Hmmm, not a fun day, but tomorrow should be much better, good luck.

  5. Yep, sounds like a Murphy day alright & I know all about Murphy days............

  6. Still waiting to hear from you. It's snowing like h@&^ here!


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