Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A Hike To The Hoodoos

What the Heck are Hoodoos? That was the question I found on one of the explanatory signs set up along the trail. Well, hoodoos are tower-like remains after erosion has removed all surrounding soil.
They “survived” erosion because they have a stone on the top which protects the soil from rain. It’s like wearing a cap. Hoodoos can be found anywhere in mountainous terrain. I have seen Hoodoos in Norway and I have seen them in the States and around Jasper, AB. They look like ghosts standing on a slope, gazing across the valley. People are attracted to them because they are so different than anything else in nature.
Driving up Tunnel Mountain Rd at Banff, one can stop and take a quick hike to a view platform from where they can be seen down below. I drove the short distance from the Campground to the parking lot and took the hike this afternoon.
IMG_8837  IMG_8842
Besides of seeing the hoodoos, I enjoyed the magnificent view across the Bow Valley. A soft warm breeze was brushing across the ridge and through the Douglas firs. It was like spring had arrived in an instant. Far below, the river was free of most of its ice load flowing freely towards Calgary and the prairie.
Far away in the haze I could make out the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel. A few squirrels were playing high up in the firs surly wondering what this fellow had for business down there.
Three black crows were tumbling and screaming around the high tops of the trees.
I was all alone out here and the paved path had given way for a much more narrow trampled path between tree stands. Snow had been on this path not long ago and when it turned too muddy I backtracked. I thought of the bears. It sure was warm enough for them to come out of hibernation. They would be looking for food now. I couldn’t think of any probable food around where I was. But they would be thirsty too, so maybe they would be going down to the river, maybe even find some fish to feed on.
After the hike I was enjoying to come home and inside to a warm place and a good cup of coffee. Now, the picture below was taken this morning with my breakfast still waiting for me.
Hope you enjoyed the hike.


  1. Wow, there is still a lot of snow on the mountains. But pretty though. - I see your new gadgets on the table. :))

  2. Thanks for the hike, amazing scenery there.

  3. Great pics for sure - but it looks sooooo COLD !!


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