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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

September 28

Wow, wow and wow!
I am truly humbled about today's activity on American-Traveler. Al's mentioning the blog has resultet in an unprecedented rush of readers and we got 2 new followers today. Come right on in Janna + Mike and Dave + Susie. Thanks for being followers.
Janna and Mike have a blog called Tin Teepee/Log Cabin. Their pics from Montana are really looking great. Dave and Susie are hoping to one day get on the open road and "feel the wind from the back!" That is a very fine goal as there is so much to see out there.

Over here we had another one of those beautiful early fall days. After I had puttered around with the building of a new addition to our garage I decided to take Molly out for a beach walk. So we were both getting into the car and headed on the 3-minute drive to Herring Cove Beach.

A fresh breeze from the South-East had brought up a bit of a  surf and it sure kept me from building up a sweat. Molly was completely absorbed in finding stuff she could either eat (yukk) or sniff on. Two lonely beach wanderers came from the other side, but keeping their path close to the water's edge, they did not greet. So I just walked on, taking in the stunning scenery. 

Suddenly a little bird jumped out of the shadow of a piece of driftwood. he flew ahead of us for maybe 50 feet, then sitting down again. As we kept on walking we got close to that birdy again. And this time it was just sitting there. I was afraid Molly would start chasing it but she didn't. I praised her for that and slowly approached that bird in a crouched-down position.

It looked at me with real curiosity and did not seem to be afraid at all. I got as close as 5ft before it started on another short flight. I had never seen birds like that on our beaches and it looked quite a bit like it was lost. But I have found out that it was a Semipalmated Sandpiper. Of course I did not have my Nikon 3100 with me, arghh, so I had to find a pic on WIKIPEDIA. In order to put in the correct link I tried to look it up again, but made a spelling mistake like Semiplamated Sandpiper. Google didn't take that too friendly and asked in a rather naive way:  Did you mean Separated Sandpaper? I sure got a chuckle out of that.

After a while I found a white driftwood log and it seemed to me that this was an inviting place to just sit down and look around. Molly kept her beach-combing close, and I was spiding across the blue Bay of Fundy. Across from us, there is the Island of Grand Manan. It is a bit farther south and located off the coast of Maine. Grand Manan is the southern-most place in New Brundwick. We have not visited there yet, but may do so one day. It is said to be very beautiful as well.

The sun was warming my back while I had the cool breeze in my face. Almost a summer day, I thought and got up for the walk back. At this time I saw an elongated gleaming white spot on the horizon. It had just emerged out of the coast line of Grand Manan and it was moving north, riding on the horizon. It was the Grand Manan ferry heading towards Blacks Harbour on the Canadian main land. What an unbelievable peaceful sight!
You can even find Dollars on the Beach
- Sanddollars -

Returning home, I stopped in at the post office.
Talking (and listening) to Kathryn is always interesting, but today I got surprised to say the least. She asked whether I was selling my truck. "Trying to", I confirmed. After all it had been placed along the road with a For-Sale sign in the windshield. Kathryn told me then that "a guy" had asked her what I would be asking for the truck. As Kathryn hadn't even seen the truck being for sale she sure didn't know the answer either. So now I told her and she promised to let "the guy" know.  

What I am asking myself is, of course, why are people asking the post lady for the price of my truck, instead of coming to me and get it first-hand. Is the local post office  some kind of an unpaid broker? When I was telling Bea the story we both laughed. ISLANDERS... we said.

Are there similar experiences out there? I just wonder.


  1. I'm following your blog after checking it out from the mention Al made in his Bayfield Bunch blog. I really enjoy the Canadian bloggers here in Blogland. They seem to have such great pictures to share and love their perspective on things. Here in Oregon we enjoy a lot of the same things that you do, so we'll look forward to following you down the road. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Cracked me up about the truck. The Post Office always used to be the place to go for information - that is if the telephone operator didn't know the answer. Sounds like you had a wonderful walk on the beach.

  3. I am now going to keep the postmaster in mind, if I decide to sell something:) Who knew!

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