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Thursday, September 15, 2011

September 15

Lights ON!!
Took a trip to St.Stephen this morning. Wanted to see the FORD dealer. Yup need help with selling that big truck. Would be a great 5th wheel hauler again. Any takers out there? Ford dealer was friendly and couldn't see a problem. Just need to settle on price. Ha..The ride to St.Stephen leads over some 50 miles through the U.S. And it was a very foggy day today. Visibility was MAYBE 50 yards. Yet there were numerous vehicles coming along without their lights on, some of them in grey vehicles!,  One of these suicidal morons was even coming along in a big truck. I tried to give them a headsup by flashing my lights, but they were so deep into something having nothing to do with driving that nobody turned on their head lights. I am sure glad that Canadian vehicles have an automatic  light switch connected to the ignition.
Was stopping at a Super Store Grocer in St.Stephen. They have a special Norwegian Goat Cheese which I often require on our table, but can't get in Maine. Was getting close to offer a piece of that to the U.S. Customs officer at that busy border crossing at Calais. He was really asking funny questions about the why and where. Guess it is my AB-license plate which always arouses suspicion. (except here at the Island)First stop after the border crossing was the local SUBWAY. I had to take advantage of the two free subs we had won at the Fire Hall last Saturday.  And since Bea didn't want no part of it, (I had offered to bring one home) I ate them both for lunch in the truck.

Next stop was the Walmart in Calais, where I bought halv a dozen socks and a pair of black jeans. Now, with the jeans I had to make a decision. As I have lost a few of my dear kilos of weight, the pants of my usual size had shown a way of slipping off my hips lately. So I have taken myself in constantly adjusting my pants back up.  Now, in front of the shelf, I had the option to choose my pants a number slimmer. Proudly I walked up to the cashier with the slimmer version of pants.

Approaching Big Bend National Park, TX
From Walmart I drove over to the neighbouring Shop'n'Save. This was the store we had won another gift card for at the Fire Hall BBQ.

OH -OH...
Between El Centro and San Diego
Coming home Bea could tell me that I just missed the neighbour coming by with an unbelievable delicious BLACKBERRY-PIE with tons of real whipping creme on it. Got the coffee going in no time and was digging the pie for a while. I hope my waist size isn't going up again with that kind of treatment.

Between Whites City and Guadalupe
National Park w. El Capitan in background
After the calorie bomb I needed to get into motion. We had still 3-4 hrs. to supper. So much could be accomplished and it would be good for burning off that Blackberry Pie. So I rigged myself up on top of that home-made scaffold. This time I put the two heavy-duty hooks I got from Lubec the other day into the wall. I used rope I had found on the beach to tie the scaffold to the wall. Works like a charm! So we were back in the shingeling business. And with Bea a level below she could operate the Miter-Saw there. And we got almost done with that gable. That's how efficient good food can be!!

See you tomorrow.

Thunder Clouds in the San Diego Mountains

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