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Sunday, May 29, 2011

May 29

It's a challenge...

It's a challenge to describe the beauty of the States of Vermont and New Hampshire. I hope that the pictures Bea shot out of the driving Motor Home, might assist my words. Where shall I begin? Well, maybe with what we started our day today - FOG!!
Fog at Point Rousse, New York

Marina at Point Rousse
It is really foggy this morning. The air is muggy and heavy as we roll across the two bridges of Lac Champlain, connecting the State of New York with 
Vermont. Looking ahead, the bridge seem to disappear in the fog.
Bridge to Vermont across Lac Champlain

When reaching the other side, we see that huge areas of the land is flooded. 
Flooded house at Lac Champlain
Houses and travel trailers are standing way out in the water, and some places, the water reaches up to the edge of the black top. The rivers we see, are all brim-full of a rushing flood. Breathtaking waterfalls appear along the road - indescribable beautiful. 

Farther to the east the land rises and we see lovely green valleys and gentle mountain slopes beyond, dotted with beautiful homes and red barns.
"Vermont" is French, and means "Green Mountains". And it seems hardly possible to see greener mountains than those in Vermont. 

Not many foot left to flooding THIS bridge
The neatness of New England is beyond words. From the I-89 we drive up country road 104. This road is narrow and winding, but if you want to see rural 
Vermont, this is the road to take. The towns of Johnson, Hardwick and even St. Johnsbury, which is much bigger, are all to fall in love with. The gardens are full of blooming lilac and cherry trees. Along the fields crap-apple trees shine white within all the green.
Beautiful New Hampshire
Then New Hampshire: The mountains are higher, the hills steeper, but the towns are as beautiful as the ones in Vermont. If you have extra time at hand, stop at a little local Cafe, search the garage sales for a treasure, make contact with the people - they are all friendly and want to know where you are from. 
Rain shower during Thunderstorm 

The ride through New Hampshire is rather short, from Lancaster to the State Line with Maine it is only 35 miles! There is a lot more to see if you are going farther south, but we have to catch Highway 26 from Bethel, Maine. It runs down to South Paris, then NORWAY!! Driving through Norway we are looking for signs indicating the Scandinavian Heritage, but can't find any. I guess we'd have to spend a coupla days here to get to know more of this town. Another tour - another chance.

But hey, we are home-bound and eager to reach Bangor, Maine. We have decided to have a last overnight stay there before reaching home.
Alright, we could make it home today, but coming home in the evening hours is not what we want. There is some work waiting for us at home and we better start it during daylight hours.

Anyway, coming down from Hwy26 we reach the big Interstate 95 at Lewiston and continue our way north. $4.40 is the toll we have to pay with our rig, after that there is no stopping.

Reaching Bangor we pull up at Dysarts Truck-Stop and park in the spot we always park in, when coming home or heading out.

Read more tomorrow: Campobello Island - Finally and wow it's May 30!!! Our big day.

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