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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Lakeside Picnic

May 14

A beautiful blue sky got everyone out early, and before the clock showed 9am we were backing out of the driveway.
The drive out to Ethel Lake would be a short one - 15 minutes at the most.
The higher temperatures of the last days had brought out spring-green leaves with many trees along the road. 
We were all looking forward to spend the day at the lake.
Picnic area on Ethel Lake
4-year old Cyrus had gotten the best seat in the front of the bus. He was sitting in his child seat like he was driving the bus, giving comments on whatever he saw outside.

Ethel Lake
When we reached the lakeside campground the water was so deep-blue it almost hurt the eyes. We parked the rig less than 50ft from the water and everyone got out. The two smallest, Cyrus and Phoebe 
immediately took off to the waters edge, while we adults started putting out chairs and a table. 
We did ball games and were baking sand-cakes on the beach. 
Lunch time
We had only been on-site for 2 hours when the first kid started screaming for food.

...and time for games
Since everyone had been up and about early, we took our lunch at a quarter past eleven. Yesterday we had prepared potato salad. Bea warmed the Wieners and pretty soon we were all seated gouging our lunch. 

The afternoon went by with more games, a walk and just sitting in the sun enjoying the beautiful scenery. 

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