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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A new Day

May 24

As usual, we are up early with breakfast at 7am. We clear up the rig and say our Good Bye's to our friends.

A typical North Dakota Highway 83 with NO traffic. Where is everybody?

It is a cold morning with an even colder wind out of the North-East. The sky is dark grey as we make it out of Underwood and onto Hwy 83 south towards Bismarck.

At Bismarck we are entering the I-94 East and are rolling with 60mph East towards Fargo. Fargo is located right on the border to Minnesota and is quite an important center for North Dakota and western Minnesota.

East of Moorhead we change Highways and go onto Hwy 10. We are in MINNESOTA now, and follow that road until we get to Detroit Lakes. Here we go to the smaller Hwy 34 East. We are now leaving the wide open fields and are getting into more wooded areas. At 4pm we start looking for a place to spend the night. We see many lakes and side roads but no signs pointing to RV-parks. Then a CAMPING sign pops up along the highway and I turn onto the small road north. As we go up that road it appears that there is no camping facilities here. When, after 5 miles the end of pavement is near, we have gotten enough and turn onto a graveled side road to turn around. A truck comes up behind the bus and I get out to ask the driver for directions. The older gentleman has never heard about a campground in this area and thus is of no help. I am wondering what's the purpose of that CAMPING sign at the Highway.

Anyway, we get back to the Hwy 34 and continue eastwards. As we drive we see several more of these CAMPING signs. They are directed towards small side roads which disappear in the woods. We do not take any more chances on them and slowly roll on.

Finally, we see, east of the Hamlet of Snellman, a little rest area high up above the road. I brake up and hesitate. Should I go in here or is it a trap I can't get out of again?
I decide to explore the place by foot and discover an outlet on the other side allowing an exit. So I pull up and park the rig between mighty pine trees. 

Not too bad a place - and free of charge it is too.

High up between the pines in Minnesota
We celebrate the day with juicy pork chops barbecued "to perfection", served with fresh corn and peas. We also have dessert today - a rhubarb cake made by our friends in North Dakota.  

I just wish every day would end like that.

Our route so far -- from Cold Lake into Northern Minnesota

Read more tomorrow: Duluth and beyond 

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  1. Glad to see you have made it to lovely northern Minnesota. This is our little piece of heaven when we are not traveling south in the winter meeting new and exciting friends. Glad you were able to enjoy some of the local favorites such as corn and rhubarb.
    We will continue to follow your adventure on your blog. Wishing you well.


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