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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

May 03

This morning we drove over to the Cold Lake Provincial Park early enough to catch some sun. And this time I remembered to take the camera.

The lake was crowded with water fowl and there was spring in the air. The ice had receded even farther from the shore and the remaining ice mirrored the blue sky.
View across the Cold Lake

We rested on an observation platform from where we could see across the lagoon and Cold Lake. It was warm enough that I threw off my jacket. Obviously Beavers had  been up from the water and chopped down an entire area with small trees. The remaining stumps were all chopped off  about 1 foot above the ground.

Molly had a field day with taking in all the good smells along the path, and once she ran ahead as she had seen a squirrel on the ground. Molly HAS to hunt squirrels. She can never resist the urge, and when the squirrel is high up on a tree looking down mocking  her, she will stand there, with her head upwards, waiting for the squirrel to come down again.

The lagoon 

Lagoon and Cold Lake

Lagoon with Cold Lake in the back


Cold Lake with remaining lake ice

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