Wednesday, December 13, 2023

We Had A Visitor

Her name is EMMA and she's just 10 months old. Her owner and fellow camper had to travel to LA for the day and so we were dogsitting EMMA.


We had been a little curious about how Dixie would react to a small charming dog in our trailer. Amazingly, it all went very well. That is, as long Emma would keep her distance from Dixie's bed. Obviously, that was where Dixie said ENOUGH of this!

But Dixie is probably one of the most accommodating and friendly dogs you would find. She just about gets along with any dog unless she meets aggression from a counterpart.

Emma was dropped off at our place shortly after 7am, and after realizing her owner was gone she began to cry. But it went over after half an hour. after which she crawled up beside the bag containing her food and leashes. And she stayed there until she got bored. After she decided she was done mourning, she came out and was looking for us and Dixie. Emma began a charme campaign and let me say she was very successful with that. She is just such a  cutie pie.

She also came along when it was time for our 2.5-mile daily morning walk. 

During the afternoon she slept on our couch and after dark she placed herself confidently between Bea and myself probably dreaming of her owner returning to pick her up again. And he did come at around 9pm. Emma was beside her self when she saw him come through the door.

So much fun to have a visitor like her putting a highlight on our day here.

Cuddling up with my reserve dad

I wonder whether Emma can find me here?

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