Thursday, December 28, 2023

A Crown Went To Waste

It's time to restart blogging again. Christmas, sort of, got in the way. But I need to go back prior to Christmas.

Last you remember, I was just getting ready for a crown on my tooth. Well, meanwhile, the tooth is gone and the crown went into the waste basket.

The day I was to return for getting the crown, the pain had returned to the area and I was not convinced that the crown should be glued on until the reason for the pain had been found.

Border to Algodones

So I called and canceled my appointment to see whether the pain would continue to the next day, which it did. with a new appointment the next day, I returned to Algodones. After another x-ray, now without the crown, they found that my tooth had a crack. Only solution was to an extraction. Honestly I was happy with that, for who wants a continuous problem lasting over Christmas. Checking out I paid $60 for the extraction, but ending up with another $80 for the prescription medication. Just the meds would probably have run at $200 on the US side.

By getting to Algodones early and getting out early one can avoid these long waiting lines

Fast forward to today, I am a happy camper once again. We are done with Christmas, the weather is still wonderful, and today we even received our lost/invalidated bank cards in the mail. 

We are still doing our morning walks, though a heavy rainfall a few days ago made it impossible to walk along the canal, as the ground there is mostly clay, which gets really sticky and builds up under our shoes.

Today, we also did a trip to El Centro, mainly for laundry and stocking up on a few groceries. When dropping in at ALDI, I was really disappointed to discover that all the good German Christmas goodies had already been cleaned out. Nothing left but terrible tasting Hershey products. Yukk!

In a few days we will enter another year. 2024 will most likely not get any better than 2023. The world is at odds with wars, unrest, unhappiness, and I don't believe that any thing good could possible come out of that. There is no reason whatsoever for any optimism. So it will rest on ourselves to make the best of it for us and others.

Thanks for stopping by again!

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