Saturday, December 2, 2023

Hello, Life Is Good Again And We Celebrated With Donuts!

 Coming back from Yuma yesterday, we were in a better mood. My swelling had started to go down, the pain was gone and I got a prescription for meds to help me negotiate this problem to its end.

I ran over to the pharmacy in Holtville to fill the prescriptions so I could start treatment right away in the morning.

The big question in my mind was, would I be able to sleep through the night? 

With the pain gone and feeling reasonably tired after a long day, I was in bed at 9pm. Within minutes I had entered into a deep sleep. The pain did not return, my hand healed over night and at 6am the next morning I was back to normal. Got up, made myself a coffee and a warm porridge breakfast and relaxed on the couch awaiting full daylight. At 7:30 I drove down to the Hot Spring and put myself into one of the hot pools. Could heaven be sooo wonderful? I felt just great. Beside of me was a gentleman from Minnesota. It turned out his name was Peter. Haha....Over the next 30 minutes Peter and I had a great conversation. Coming down from Minnesota, Peter was of Norwegian heritage. Minnesota is full of them Scandinavians. So why not meet one of them here in the pool?

The day turned out to be wonderful with lots of sun, and feeling so invigorated, I decided to drive to El Centro to pay a visit to my favorite grocer in town. Of course, it's the German ALDI market.  Not only do they have the best prices on most groceries but they also import the WINTERNACHT Christmas collection of goodies from Germany, whiteout which we cannot celebrate Christmas.

          ALDI'S display of German Christmas Goodies

And my very own selection of it. BTW. the little Stollen in the front came in a package directly from Germany

So I went a little overboard with this today, telling myself that after all, Christmas is only once a year.

But I also went to Walmart, which is only a block away from ALDI. I steered right into the bakery section where I grabbed a box of 12 wonderful looking donuts and another bag of 24 of our morning rolls. Walmart is the only one having these treasures. 

All set for the party

And here are they, except two who already had another invitation

We had invited all of our friends for a get-together at 2:30pm for a Donut Party. Needless to say we had a great time together. 

And high above, I had hung the sign of last winter's unfortunate Cherry Pie production. 

Now off to vacation time, cause it's about time


  1. What wonderful news..... and WHAT AVDIFFERENCE A DAY MAKES! ♡♡♡

  2. Oh, how I love Winternacht cookies! Happy you are feeling better.

    1. Your name indicates you could be German. Born German I could never forsake my Christmas Cookies. So thankful that ALDI has them.


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