Thursday, January 12, 2023


 The new year came around faster than fast, and before we knew it almost 14 days are gone. While most of coastal California went through terrible, even catastrophic weather we have been spared for all of it. That is, if you don't count a few cloudy days. Rain??? Not here. Maybe we got a few droplets, at least we could see some flowers along the I-8 today. 

See, we were headed to Squaw Lake, just a tad north-east of Yuma in the Imperial Dam area. No, we did not pull the trailer over there, but went with the van to meet up with friends from Prince Edward Island,(PEI). With us we had a delicious picnic with hot coffee, fruits and sandwiches. 

While there usually is a fresh breeze blowing down from the dam behind us, we all seated ourselves along the van away from the wind, and the weather couldn't have been more beautiful. Bea had a great time looking for birds and in a few days she just might get around to add a story to her blog "Sidewalk". Our friends Bob and Karen had brought another nice couple from Ontario, who hadn't been around in the area earlier.

Both Bob, Karen and the couple from Ontario are camping in the pioneer RV-Park in Wellton, east of Yuma.

Before we went to our meeting place at the lake we had been running a few errands in Yuma. Both propane and gas are quite a bit cheaper in Arizona, compared to California. Taking advantage of that is always on our mind when visiting this busy city just next to the California border.

Getting home again just past mid-afternoon, we were ready for coffee with our neighbours. Lately, we have seen more campers pulling in here, some of which have stopped by with us to have a chat about things around here. And that is just the beauty of being here, most people are so relaxed and friendly.

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