Sunday, January 15, 2023

Party At The Ranch

 Every year a special event brings snowbirds of the Holtville Hot Springs together in a party to celebrate the birthday of a local rancher. His name: Enrique DaSilva.

Senor DaSilva has a long love-relationship with the visiting snowbirds from the cold north.

Yesterday it was time again to head out to the ranch. We were greeted by Elvira, Enrique's wife. And since we were the first guests to arrive, we were given a tour through her outstanding garden. It is indeed hard to describe with words, so I rather let the pictures tell the story of oh-so-many years of creating and collecting all the artifacts, much of which were found at garage sales. But it takes the truly gifted hand of Elvira and Enrique to create a wonderland of beauty like we witnessed yesterday.

The clock (to the left) is about 5ft. tall

Of course there is no party without music. So the DaSilvas had a band at the ready for everyone's enjoyment. In order to blend in, yours truly and his wife Calamity Jane were a little dressed up for the occasion.

Here are a few more pictures of the party:


  1. Awesome picture of you two cowboys! Looks like a fun're missing the freezing rain here in Maine today.

  2. I am speechless! You are part of another world, another reality! And you fit right in! How WONDERFUL! :-)
    It looks 'Pistol Pete' and 'Calamity Bea' had a GREAT TIME! :-)


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