Saturday, December 31, 2022

The Last Day


It's December 31st. Another year is over. It's the time for media and people to look back and review what has happened to the world, their country, their family and themselves.

Out of my own perspective I have to say (unfortunately) it hasn't been a good year.

To begin with the term "world", we have come closer to a nuclear Armageddon. We have seen that a peaceful country in eastern Europe has been brutally assaulted by its aggressive neighbour, Russia. Millions of people have fled from the horrors of war. Cities are in shambles, infrastructure destroyed. Tens of thousands of people been killed, and the war is dragging on into the new year.

Meanwhile, our country, Canada, has done a lot to help the Ukrainian government to fight their enemies. Weaponry has been sent, soldiers have been trained. 

All of this happened while we saw the first recovery from Covid. From April 1. Canada removed the requirement for testing, later the vaccination requirement was removed. But make no mistake, Covid is still among us.

Family members got infected with Covid, and they recovered. A sign that the vaccinations they had received are working. Nobody got hospitalized.

What about ourselves? How was 2022 for us? We had a great warm spring, summer and fall. Yet, visitor numbers on our island were still down. People were still afraid, joining other people in a sightseeing vehicle. Inflation and fears of recession might have been another reason for holding back on travel.

But we stayed healthy and we built relations to good neighbours. Bea started her first butterfly nursery. She collected Monarch butterfly eggs off of milkweed plants and nursed them through developing stages into full-grown beautiful butterflies. It attracted a lot of local interest and we made a video of it. We hope that some of "our" butterflies made it to Mexico.

On November 4th we started our trip down south. We went along the east coast ending up temporarily on the Gulf of Mexico. But the weather turned bad and we moved on to the Rio Grande Valley. Alas, shortly after our arrival it got cold and rainy. Dixie had problems with thorny sticky seeds on the ground hurting her feet. Our deliberations of what to do ended with the decision to move on to California.

Once installed on our old site, we met wonderful neighbours from Saskatchewan. We celebrated Christmas with a get-together and will await the new year with them tonight.

May 2023 be the best year possible for YOU! Peace on Earth and good health to all of us!

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