Tuesday, December 7, 2021

WHAT? Is This Rain?

The sunrise at 6am was breath-taking, but the clouds also hinted about a change of weather.

It's breaking with the old hit "...it never rains in California", and we did not anticipate any rain. Yet, it happened. I mean it wasn't a flooding - no Sireee, but more like "Raindrops keep fallin' on my head"  and plop, plop I even heard them hitting the trailer. Maximum temps were around 18-20C (70F} which made me grab a jacket when I walked Dixie up the trail this morning. On our way back we met with a nice fellow from Upstate New York, who has been on a 7-months trip across the US already. Always some interesting folks to meet out here. And we would probably still be talking, hadn't it been that Bea was planning a trip to town for laundry. And of course, that's always a welcome opportunity for me to scrounge for some goodies from the shelves of the grocery stores. 
Parked at the laundromat, our Saskatchewan camp neighour showed up and wouldn't you know it, his Great Pyrenees "SNOWY" showed his friendly face through the window

Last time I had filled our 5gal. water barrel it had rolled out the van door and got partially broken, so we needed replacements. At Wallyworld I found them readily filled with water, so bought 2 of them. Afterwards we moved over to ALDI where I completed our shopping. And today I realized, how much more expensive it is to shop at Walmart. Big differences on basic food items!

Back "home" again, we had lunch and lots of rest afterwards. Life out here can be totally stress free, if you want it that way. Yup, and then it started raining. Wow! Dixie was sleeping in her corner and didn't make a fuss over being inside most of the day. 

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