Saturday, December 4, 2021

Island Tours In California?

How many islands belong to California?

Quite a few, actually. Don't know the exact number but I guess one could look it up. 

Yet, nobody commenting our company lettering on the van has ever suggested any California island. 

Instead, they got me picked coming over from Hawaii. Yes it happened twice today. I have been trying to explain, that we've been on the road for 9 days coming from the Canadian East Coast, but I just drew blank stares. Too far away to even imagine. Though I think the white-haired old lady at the grocery store here was hoping to get ba tour booked with us - at least to some island. But Canada? Nope.

So, we are having fun on our little trips to town. Like the guy who is an institution in selling propane in town. A short man, Mexican, and he's not taking your debit card, but wants cash. But he trusted me to return with cash from the ATM-machine. He's one of a handful of people I recognized from being here 7 years earlier. Actually all of them I met back in 2005 under our first visit. Kind of gives me a homey feeling. I like small towns like Holtville, where certain things and certain people remain the same, year after year. Our world is changing so fast anyway, too fast it seems, so when you encounter continuity, it feels good.

Do you understand a little German? 

Frau Gertrude Kron (84) doesn't want her grandkids to call her Omi Kron anymore.

Omi = Grandma

Have a nice evening!

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  1. Back when a person's word and a handshake was as good as gold....We will be on another space, as in universe, etc. before and if that ever happens again...So sad...Oh Well...


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