Wednesday, December 15, 2021

A Miracle Happened.

 Header Photo: Adam Woodworth Photography

Soon it will be Christmas and miracles might start to happen anywhere, but today we already got an early taste of that.

Remember that Bea lost her hearing aids yesterday?

Being on my way to Holtville this morning, I was just leaving the camp area when Jim, a dear camper friend was stopping me. His question to me was: "Did you lose a hearing aid?"

I was stunned at first but confirmed quickly that Bea indeed had lost hers. 

"I have it", he said and grinned.

It turned out that he had found it along the canal, where we use to do our morning walks. Bea had already surmised that she might have lost it on the early walk, but not noticed it missing until hours later after we had done our shopping tour.

I picked it up at Jim's rig on my return from town and handed it to Bea, who immediately confirmed it as hers. 

Now what do you think is the chance that someone finds a small hearing aid on a sandy road in the desert? I would anticipate it to be easier to win the top price at Lotto Max. 

Today, Bea was the happiest girl ever.

Reviewing the impact of last night's storm, we noticed that several camp neighbours had damaged wind barriers, one had lost his awning, while others had just gotten their furniture blown around. We had just very dirty windows, a load of sand on our outdoor mat and generally a necessary clean-up to do. The day was sunny, but on the cooler side, which was especially enjoyed by Dixie. With her thick fur she hates the hot weather.

Sorry. no pictures today. 

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