Monday, June 14, 2021

What? It is Supposed To Rain?

 When you are on vacation you want to have nice weather. Rain will ruin your days. For our trip to GM we have been very, very lucky. It wasn't hot (which I don't like) but it was sunny every day. 

However, studying the weather forecast we realized that rain was in the making for Tuesday. It would make for a miserable drive home and packing up would be no fun in the rain. Likewise arriving in rainy weather would be no good as all our gear would have to be moved back into the house.

So, we made a change of plan. This morning I called the ferry company and rescheduled our departure from June 15 to June 14. We still had most of the day in the campground and it was another sunny day.

But we didn't drive anywhere on GM. Bea took a walk with Dixie into the adjacent bird sanctuary, while I prepared the trailer for departure. And before leaving, I took Dixie on another walk down the boardwalk towards "Red Point". GM has again been an incredible experience for us. Will we go again? After 2 visits there we might opt for another place next time, but if we ever should have visitors,we'd be more than happy to show off this great Fundy Isle to them.

When we have breakfast outside we some times have a guest: Dixie always shows more interest for our food than for hers.

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