Sunday, June 13, 2021

A Place To Forget The World

When visiting Grand Manan in September last year we "forgot" to take the ferry ride over to White Head Island. This time we were determined to correct this mistake.

So this morning we were at the ferry landing at Ingalls Head and we were lucky enough to arrive the second the ferry was ready to leave. In fact, they had the gate up already but seeing us, they lowered it again and we rolled aboard. Nice folks!

Arriving at White Head we were bound to drive every available mile on this island which has a population of 162. There are no stores, no cafes and no gas station.

Ferry running from Ingalls Head to White Head Island

The name White Head explains itself when one sees the white rocks sticking out everywhere.

First we were off to the south side. The paved road ends at a Jeep/ATV trail, and we parked the van there to continue on foot. At the outer point a lighthouse is sending its signals across the open ocean. It's called Long Point Light House Being light house enthusiasts, we had to see it up close. 

The trail is partially somewhat difficult to walk as it is filled with round stones and really rough. But we made it all the way to the tower. There was no information as to when it was built, and obviously it had been renovated with white metal panels.

The next cove over was even more beautiful as it features a huge sandy beach.
We didn't venture all the way out on it as Dixie was getting pretty thirsty. 

Being back at the van, we had our lunch sandwiches and coffee. Dixie was happy to be back on her comfy bed in the van. She is definitely not a long-trail hiking dog.

The beauty of this place led me to think that this island would be the best place to forget anything about the nastiness of world happenings. Yes, if you were looking for peace this would be the place to live.

After our lunch break we ventured on to see more of White Head. Thr oad side is dotted with neat small fisher family homes. And you would love the wild flowers along the roads. Lupines were everywhere!

Being the small island it is you can explore most of it in a half day, that is unless you do a lot of serious hiking. For us we lined up at the White Head Harbour shortly before 1pm and had the most beautiful ride back to Grand Manan. The entire day there was not a cloud around, yet it was not a hot day, which fits us just fine.

If you ever come into the vicinity, you should take the trip to White Head. The ferry ride is free and it is an experience you will never forget. 


  1. Do the people on White Head live there year round?

    1. Yes, Rick, they do. But they also have summer residents.

  2. So interesting and so good to read! Love your posts!


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