Saturday, June 12, 2021

Oh What A Beautiful Morning.....

 When in our trailer, I sleep like a baby, and after yesterday's excitement I probably needed a good night's sleep more than usual.

I woke up when first daylight appeared, but fell asleep another time. Next time I opened my eyes I could see sunlight, and when I peeked through the window there was a blue sky and bright sun. 

Exactly what I needed.

While the little coffeemaker was gurgling on the counter, I took Dixie out for her morning trip.

Fresh smell of coffee was filling the rig and I plunked down with a good hot morning coffee.

Today we would just be lazy, not driving anywhere, but taking walks along the beautiful beach her at the Anchorage Prov. Park. A few more rigs would probably come for the weekend, but still not busy, which suits me fine.

A park worker appeared after breakfast with a little transport ATV. She stopped right ahead from us at the storage for firewood and started loading up heaps of it. I went over to her asking about the office hour. She surprised me with a big smile and a cheery hello, saying she was so happy to see folks from Campobello come over. appeared one of our friends from Campobello, also a park worker, had called her announcing our stay on GM. Before I knew it, she did something nobody has done for 15 months.....she shook hands with me. Quite a welcome really!

Yes, the office was open for business and I paid my dues.

Then I took Dixie for a beach walk. She was so happy to run around and she promptly found a plastic bottle which she could bury in the sand. Plastic bottles shall not be laying around....not if Dixie is in charge!


After lunch we hung around the trailer until all three of us went for another hike. It was almost 5kms we hiked along the beach. Dixie slept for hours after the hike. 

           Endless empty beach on Grand Manan

                      Taking pictures of each other


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