Sunday, January 3, 2021

South-Bound We Continue And -Uffda- What Did We Find?

 Pictures are helping us to remember what has been. And rummaging in my old CDs I am glad I saved so many pics from the days long gone.

After leaving the border behind us we followed the I-5 through Washington State.

Towards late afternoon we were looking for an RV-Park and found Lake Ki, just a few miles west of I-5. 

Molly and Boomer had a great time at Lake Ki

Lake Ki is a beautiful RV-Park (They call themselves "Resort" now) and we got a truly idyllic site with a view of the lake. We stayed put for a couple of days and did a few day drives during that time. Camano Island, connected to the mainland was a beautiful destination. ,A special thing I remember was the "Uffda Shoppe" at Stanwood. 

       Camano Island to the left. The marker is on Stanwood

As Norwegians, we just had to stop at this Scandinavian Gift Shop. I remember we bought some Norwegian specialties. So, what does it mean to say "Uffda"?  Well, Norwegians say Uffda whenever they hear about something bad or disappointing. The Uffda store at Stanwood, WA was just the thing one would never forget.            

Passing Seattle a couple of days later, was like any other big city. 

Heavy traffic and often crazy driving made this a less memorable experience.

And that's enough for one day. Check back later for the continuing story.

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  1. Always wise to check things out that you may never see again.
    Looking forward to more of your trip.

    It's about time.


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