Tuesday, April 7, 2020

To All Americans

Your President has just asked 3M to stop sending N95 masks to Canada. The memory of your President is short.

Things that Canada did during 911 have obviously been forgotten by the moron that Donny has shown himself to be. Canadians took in thousands of stranded Americans in Newfoundland when planes were told to land immediately. Canadians took these people in free of charge as they had to await days to head home.
Following that, our soldiers stood side by side with our US neighbors and some of them made the ultimate sacrifice on our and your behalf in Afghanistan.

Some of you may remember the covert operation that helped save US lives of Americans being held in Iran.

To say that Canadians are pissed at this is an understatement. I along with many others in Canada from coast to coast hope that your President rescind this directive immediately and understand that Canadians are your closest allies in the world. We may be small but we have helped your country out without asking for anything back on countless issues.

Don't let our memories include this shortsighted and dangerous directive.

Approximately a thousand medical workers cross the Ambassador bridge everyday to work in the Metro Detroit area. Workers that can be placed to work back in our country at this challenging time. I don't think you'll want that to happen.

As Canadians, we are watching closely at what is happening in your country. We are all pulling for you to come through this with the least damage possible and least number of deaths. May God Bless you all but don't forget those whom have always stood at your side as not just friends but also as family.


  1. We (tRump) are our own worst enemy !

  2. He has many characteristics of a psychopath & is incapable of feeling empathy for others, not to mention his malignant narcissism, ineptness, poor judgement, & just plain stupidity. I've never had such contempt for an individual & will never understand the support he still has. What an embarrassment. Sorry about this, & wish the USA good fortune come November election.

  3. Please Save Us
    U.S. President Donald Trump on Tuesday accused a federal health department watchdog as having produced a "fake dossier" with a report that confirmed hospitals nationwide faced "substantial challenges" including shortages of equipment and staff.

    The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services inspector general surveyed 323 hospitals March 23-27 and concluded they had insufficient capacity to handle the surge of coronavirus patients.

    Trump implied the inspector general was politically motivated and, in a tweet, asked why she had not spoken to admirals, generals, the vice president or others in charge "before doing her report," adding "Another Fake Dossier."

  4. Do not depend on this administration for anything! We can't even depend on him for anything in the USA. I just listened to Bill Gates on pbs for 10 minute interview. He said more in 10 minutes about the virus that made sense than I have heard in the last 3 months. Heaven help us when it spreads to developing countries such as Africa.

  5. Yes, tRump is a moron and proves it more so every day.... every day... don't see how people can't see this. the outright lies and attacking the press, saying nasty things about others, thinking he alone can handle things and knows all.... why.. can't... people see this??!! I read and read and listen, and fail to understand...


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