Wednesday, April 1, 2020


Good Day,
or should I say Good Evening? It's evening here and it could already be night with you. "Good night" .... but that fits more at the end, which brings me to the topic.

The end.

For days I have had the feeling of being at an end. The end of life as we know it, which normally includes that quick run to the market or the hardware store, when you need a package of screws or have to bring something in for repair. Or just go on a tour. 

All of that and much more is over. The neighbor doesn't dare to come over and we don't go to the neighbor. Others are no longer allowed to visit their family members. The bank has the "drive-thru" open only and so do the restaurants, well some of them. Calling anywhere is pointless. The number of employees or office employees has been reduced and you are lucky if there is anyone at all. 40 minutes waiting on the phone to get information from the tax office is too much of a strain for me. So I hang up and try to find it on their website.

Yes, it's a feeling of the end times, which has befallen me. And after just 1 week I feel "Cabin Fever" spreading in my head. 

The garage is tidier than ever and after that the turn came to my workshop. And if the weather wouldn't be so bad now, more trees would have fallen victim to my chainsaw. The Mt.Everest of our firewood pile is so high that it has become difficult to throw up the logs produced.

You can't plan anything either. The planned winter vacation 20/21 is more than doubtful, even a trip to the scenic surroundings outside of our island has been outlawed. Tourism is not essential and therefore not allowed. Even cars should now be parked at a distance from each other. Provincial parks are officially closed, although we're still walking the trails. nobody else is there anyway. In general, everything is deserted. No road traffic, hardly any pedestrians. In the cities, the traffic lights change from green to red without cars stopping at the intersection or crossing it. I am not a friend of large crowds but without ..... it  feels strange.

In sunny warmer weather one could connect the water hose and wash the cars. And the interior could benefit from a visit by the vacuum cleaner. But it drizzles or it even rains. It's just end time weather. The ground is slowly thawing and it is becoming increasingly muddy.

I'm worried about the next 2-3 weeks. The transition came too quickly, I had no time to get used to it.

And then there is the terrible news from the media. Our imagination is refusing to picture more than 10,000 dead. And there are more every day. 


There it is again the final feeling "it's all over".

Our authorities do not know anything more precise. 

We have to live with it - for now.


  1. And the generation before us survived the Great Depression and WW-2, and the generation before that, WW-1, and before that the Civil War.
    Our generation is being asked to stay home for a month or so to hopefully flatten the curve.
    Can we make that sacrifice ? Can we?

  2. You're in a better place than many of us....enjoy and embrace your secluded beautiful island.


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