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Saturday, April 11, 2020

Easter Is Upon Us

Dear reader, I am writing today as we are about to celebrate Easter again. And as is with Christmas it makes me think back. 

Way back.

It's the days of my early childhood I remember the most of. I mean if I say "the most" it is the good things I remember.

My Easter always was sunny and warm. I'm sure there were rainy ones, but I just not remember them. We kids were in shorts, white shirts and the whole family went on an Easter egg hunt in the surrounding woods. Before that, our parents always had a few gifts for us. And of course, there were candy eggs and Easter bunnies of chocolate. Mom always had a festive dinner prepared. I was so indredibly lucky that my parents knew how to turn those days into festive family events. I just wish I could say Thank You to them once more.
So many of these good customs have accompanied me through-out my life.

Looking around, Easter doesn't seem to be quite the same anymore. Our good old world seems "upside-down", though the current state of the world also gives us a chance to think about whether we want to continue the way things were before the corona crisis, or whether we can imagine to make this world a better place for ourselves and future generations after this is all over.

Shouldn't we put in more ressources for better preparedness for medical emergencies? Should we make sure that we have a social security net enabling people to seek medical help without fear of bankrupting themselves or losing their jobs. Shouldn't we make sure that people have enough to live of when unemployment hits? And what about our enviroment? During the world-wide lockdown the world got rid of a lot of pollution. For decades people in a village 200kms from the Mt. Everest could not see the majestic snow covered peaks, but when the pollution in the air cleared people were in awe about the view. The air over the Hudson river cleared so New-Yorks's skyline stands clear and in details before you looking across from New Jersey. We have such a beautiful world, why can't we take care of it so that even future generations can live here and enjoy it? Are we egomaniacs refusing all responsibility for the state of this world? Or can we make the turn-around to a world many of us remember from our early days? The pandemic showed us that nature can recover if we give it a chance. 

Wishing you all a wonderful Easter!

 Happy Easter - Village of Colonie, NY


  1. Happy Easter Peter and Bea. Perhaps Greta Thunberg and others are wiser than us all.

  2. Reminding us of our past is certainly a good way to look forward into the future.
    Happy Easter Peter.

    It's about time.


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