Tuesday, March 3, 2020

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Ex-Apprentice Staffer Noel Casler Speaks Out: 'Trump's A Raging Drug Addict'

Noel Casler, a celebrity and comedian who used to work on the Apprentice, did a radio interview on CJAD with radio host Dave Kaufman and to say the interview was terrifying would be an understatement. He talked quite a bit about Donald Trump's alleged drug habit, something that many people have openly discussed over the years. There was lots of buzz about him snorting Adderall and abusing Sudafed. But for some reason, everyone just...let it go once he won (stole) the election in 2016.

Then Casler moved on to the NDA's and the reluctance (fear) that everyone in Hollywood has about coming about and saying what they really know about Trump and his family. People, sadly, put their own personal needs and careers over what is best for the country, so they chose to stay silent. Casler than talked about Trump sexually assaulting women - discussing the Barney's dressing room, specifically.

Finally, we get to the scary stuff. The first part we all know - that Donald Trump is barely functioning and cannot even fake it anymore. He said:
"The guy is unmanageable...He's not a functioning human being. He barely works....Imagine the dysfunction and the insanity these people are witnessing at the White House. The GOP leaders that, as you said, are enabling him. He doesn't even leave the residency anymore. You know, when he took office, he wouldn't come down to the Oval Office until noon. And they started calling it executive time. Right. And I'm like, I know what that's about. He's a 73 year old drug addict. It takes him three hours to get going in the morning....and now he has degenerated to the point where he doesn't leave the residence. He's taking most of those meetings when he's at the White House in his private quarters."

It has become common knowledge that Trump can barely make it to meetings or read a speech for even 5 minutes. He is degenerating fast.

And now...Ivanka. The plastic, fake-throaty voice, daughter wife.
"If you are scared of Trump, you should be terrified of Ivanka. I think she's the brains behind the operation. I've seen her manipulate him. It's all an act. Down to that phony voice she uses. That's a put on. That's how he likes her to sound. Her real voice is a lot lower and she curses like a sailor...she's engineering herself to take over. Ivanka wants to rule us all someday and I'm not being...it's not just hyperbole....she wants her face on money....so people should be very worried about her."

Anyone paying attention can see that not only does Donald Trump view his daughter as his one and only true love, but he truly does see her as the perfect woman, and the ONLY woman who should take over for him. His sons are always living in Ivanka's shadow. And poor Tiffany doesn't even count in Trump's eyes.

This interview, from someone with insight into Trump, the machine behind him and his daughter, should terrify us all.

If I could sum up the point I am trying to make having worked with Trump it is this: his drug addiction would allow him to blow up the world over a perceived slight. He seethes with rage and resentment 24/7. He is as damaged a human being as I have ever met. 

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Tony Schwartz

What I told New Yorker in July 2016: "I genuinely believe that if Trump gets the nuclear codes there is an excellent possibility it will lead to the end of civilization." The Iran drama raises this danger anew. Trump is all impulse, no reflection.

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