Sunday, March 29, 2020

How It Is Done In Taiwan

University Researcher Mat Carney says "life is pretty much the same as it was" before the COVID-19 outbreak three months ago. "The markets are busy, the shopping malls are busy, people are out and about. The only difference really is everywhere you go... your temperature is taken and people squirt hand sanitiser into your hand," Mr Carney said. Sky News host Andrew Bolt highlighted the effective management of COVID-19 Taiwan has undertaken without the need to close businesses or impose strict social rules. "Taiwan is a country with about our population. It is more vulnerable and has had more people travel to and from China," Mr Bolt said. "But in Taiwan, fewer than 260 people have been infected and just two have died." Taiwan's current strategy involves imposing isolation measures on sick, elderly or potentially infectious individuals rather than the broader population. However, it ensures temperature checkers are used in all public places and hand sanitiser is distributed widely, banning anyone with high temperatures or who refuse to sanitise.

If you want to see the full video click on the above link.

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