Monday, March 16, 2020

The Good Of Socialism

" We have the best health care system in the world".

That was what the President said recently. 

But is that the truth or was it just another lie?
If the health care of a country is the best in the world it should be prepared to handle a pandemic like we are witnessing it in these days. 
But what happens in the U.S. is a far cry from perfect. It isn't even satisfactory nor is it anywhere close to appropriate.
People cannot be tested for Covid-19 because the health care providers have no testing sets. And those who were lucky enough to being tested got a bill of over $3000 to pay. Thousands of cruise passengers were recently leaving a cruise ship in Miami without beeing screened. And thousands of hospital beds are missing to care for those who will be  infected over the next 2 weeks. Health authorities have been gagged about telling the truth, because Mr. President fears for his popularity and his re-election.

Besides of incurring huge hospital bills, people are afraid of having to stay away from their jobs for 2 weeks or more. Until recently, there was no paid sick leave and it stands to see whether the new regulation will kick in and will be followed by employers. What is remarkable is that paid sick leave has always been viewed as "socialism" if not "communism" in America. Now, all-of-a-sudden this is what they want and need.

Does this mark a turn to join the civilized world? For the sake of so many disenfranchised Americans one can only hope.

Does it take a pandemic to embrace democratic socialism?

It's certainly gonna be a wake-up call for many. 
The most stubborn may want to hang on to the private insurance company mafia, and are willingly  forking over 1500 Bucks a month and still being left with deductables. While that remains their choice, the rest of the country might as well vote the right man in come November and enjoy being part of the majority of civilized countries in the world.

Norwegian university urges students to return home from the U.S., cites ‘poorly developed health services

Norwegian University of Science and Technology


The U.S. health-care system? The Norwegian University of Science and Technology clearly isn’t impressed, so it’s urging students studying there to come home immediately.


  1. The world sometimes deserves a pandemic to illustrate our need to work,live and use our scientific citizens to help all of us,no matter your religion,race,ethnicity or political leanings.

  2. It's almost comparable with a war. Often during and right after wars people realize that they have to work together and help each other. The realization of that brings people closer together.


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