Saturday, April 13, 2019

Electric Cars Are Not The Answer

The Wiener Zeitung Die Presse reports on a consumer who has been driving an electric car for just over a year and is charging it in his garage. 

The newspaper: "But just a few weeks ago, the first shock came: The network operator sent a bill for under one thousand Euros, (USD1,300) for the extra power takeout, because the family man was suspected of burdening the power grid with his electric car more than agreed. Everything is legally covered and not an isolated case, it says from the E-Control organ. "

The case is unlikely to be an isolated case - and it will not be confined to Austria. Electric cars like the Tesla can not be meaningfully used without a quick-charging device. The press has found that a fast charger takes as much power out of the grid as six houses in two to three hours". The boss of the Austrian regulation E-Control, Andreas Eigenbauer told the newspaper: "Whoever needs six times more than the average, will have to pay for it in the future." Since this problem poses world-wide, it can be assumed that the regulators in all countries are pondering similar plans. Studies from Germany show that if only 20 percent of electric cars use fast chargers, the network load will double.


  1. Well I guess that's only fair if using that much power to have to pay extra for it.However the successful future of electric cars needs to depend on a healthy vibrant electrical grid.

    1. Well that fee was additional to the pr. kilowatt consumption price. And it might be fair, but even major industrial nations would have power supply problems, if the E-cars really would take off. Norway, which already has a large percentage of E-cars, is already importing power from other countries. That power is often generated through coal-fired power plants. So not much improvement on the environmental protection.

    2. Perhaps they could perfect the electric cars to have a generator connected to the wheels and a solar roof that would produce some of the power needed to recharge.

    3. A Swiss company is about to change the way power is produced while a car is driving. And they use simple water in the process.

  2. Once they people hooked on electric vehicles they will drop the hammer, only makes sense.


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