Monday, April 8, 2019

April, April Does What's His Will

If I told you that we just had the most beautiful weather on Sunday and that temps rose to above 50F and that I threw off my winter-style long-johns because it was just too hot, well then you would think that spring had arrived north of the border and you would start planning your vacation in Canada. 
              Above: Weather for today, Monday April 08

Well, let me tell you, you would have different thoughts today. That is if I tell you that we have an effing snow storm going on outside. It started right after noon and it will continue through the entire night with falling temperatures. And it gets even better as we will have to "enjoy" more snow Tuesday night onto Wednesday. So much fun!


  1. Looks like you'll be having fun shoveling again without Bea to help you.

    1. Bea did help me. Otherwise I would still be shoveling... Btw. We got another 3" last night. Man, do I like winter.


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