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Saturday, April 27, 2019

Bea is Gone And I Deal With Lamp Oil And Candle Lights

Bea has been gone to Germany for what feels like almost a week, though it’s just 4 days ago I brought her to the airport. Ever since she left, it has been pouring down, or at least it was drizzling all day. The weather has been gruesome to say the least. When Bea landed in Frankfurt she was met by 26C and extremely muggy weather, while we just another snow shower yesterday.

I could hear the storm raging around our house, when I was still in bed. But then I wondered why it was so extremely dark in the hallway. Usually we have a night light on downstairs and it helps finding my way down the stairway. Well, entering the kitchen I quickly found out why the night light wasn’t working. We had a power outage. Amazingly, this was the only outage we’ve had all winter. By now the ground has thawed out and with all that water in the soil tree roots have lost their hold. The nightly storm had probably blown a tree across the lines and voila..left us in the dark. Now, this time of the year day light comes early, and it shouldn’t be a big problem. However, the sky was very dark because of heavy rain clouds.

I made my breakfast on the woodstove, made toast and boiled coffee water. Not as quick as the coffee maker or microwave, but the old technique still works. I found the petroleum lamp and a few candles and let the storm be storm. It rained heavily as well and there was no use to let Dixie be outside for any extended period of time.

Checking the internet on my cell I found the page of the power company. Supposedly they can’t fix the problem until about 4pm

This is gonna be a day with lots of naps on the couch. Can’t even read a book, cause it’s so dark outside.

For lunch I made myself a nice tomato soup on the woodstove and slept some more afterwards. I must really say that Dixie is a very nice dog. Instead of flying off the walls, she is just following what I do – sleeping – and she seems content with that.

Weather for tomorrow seems much better, with sun most of the day, but the long-term forecast speaks of rain every day from May 4 – May 10. If that means there will be no drought this spring it would be something good coming out of this.

Nope, it wasn't the wind knocking over trees. It was a rather drunken idiot hitting the power pole at 4:30am. One can only guess what kind of party he's been at.

Power was restored after 12 hours. It came back at 4:10pm.


  1. Nothing like Man Camping when the wife is gone away,eh !

  2. Gotta love roughing in your house us campers know how to survive no problem.


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