Thursday, February 7, 2019

Walking On Studs

With our YoYo-weather we have been "blessed" with ice-covered driveways, roads and public spaces. And today it snowed about 2 inches on top of all that ice. And of course, I slipped on an icy patch again. I was lucky as I fell on my bum and did't hurt myself. But the incident was enough to make me remember what Bea had said for several weeks: Get youself cleats to put under your feet. 

So when I got over to Lubec for a few groceries, I took the opportunity to stop by the hardware store. I found a set of rubber-style studded soles which can be mounted under my boots. So, that should take of the problem of slipping on the ice.

A $19 investment into my well-being could safe me from broken bones -- or worse.

And the outlook for tonight is freezing rain which turns into regular rain for Friday, which is going to make the outside areas even more slippery.

So far, this winter has been remarkably free of major amounts of snow. A shower here and a shower there, then rain and a melt-off before we get a cold-snap and it all repeats itself. I seriously hate snow. Snow means hard work and usually also extra costs. I can handle cold and rain, but I have had to handle way too much snow in past winters.  And with my new studs under my boots I am ready to walk on ice, if not on water.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Nice set of snow tires..I'll try to send you some more warm weather.


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