Wednesday, February 13, 2019

February Storm

Weather map right now: The blue is snow, the pink is freezing rain and the green is rain.

The North-East is under attack. A raging storm from the east brought snow and will turn into freezing rain later today. Snow devils are chasing eachother down the street. The plow is coming by in certain intervalls, pushing lots of snow up our driveway. When Dixie slipped out the door at 6:30am, she just ventured 5 steps off the deck and returned right after to the door. "Please keep me inside" she was pleading with me. And of course, I let her back in.

So, one thing is sure: We won't be doin' any doggy walks today as the situation won't change much today. 

Update on the storm:
Snow finally gave way to freezing rain. And our cozy sitt-in by the fire was terminated when we had to go out to do some shoveling. And as always when snow and wind come together there were snowdrifts everywhere. 

  Finally done...
But the worst was the heap of snow the road plow had pushed into our driveway. It was 3ft high, 6ft deep and and least 12ft wide. While we were shoveling, Dixie came along and she was "helping" side-by-side with us scraping away the snow. The snow was hard pressed and heavy. We shoveled and pushed and shoveled until a pickup with a plow appeared to do our neighbour's property. I walked over and asked whether he could help us. And he did immediately. Great guy and he refused to take any payment.  The freezing rain will now build a crust of ice everywhere. 

Winter is so much fun! NOT.


  1. A warm and cozy day to spend by the fire.Tomorrow will be a better day.

  2. Good to have a nice cozy fire like you have for conditions like that. And good to have good neighbors too. No snow here just lots of rain, much easier to deal with than snow.

  3. Wishing you both a Warm and Cozy day by the Fire as a way to celebrate Valentine's Day.
    Be safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.


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