Friday, February 1, 2019

It's Penguin Weather

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Hi folks, how are you? Depending where you live you might either freeze or sweat. The freezing is still going on over large parts of Canada and the U.S. while the sweating can be done in Australia, where temps are reaching beyond 40C and the average has been above 30C for an entire month.

Here, along the home turf -sorry home beach- we are doing the freezing part. The penguins in the above picture are from a different part of the world, but would probably enjoy walking along Herring Cove Beach
However, looking out the window one might get fooled to think "Oh lovely weather". That is if one is deaf on both ears. There is some rattling and howling going on outside, as the wind is hitting our house. The windchill brings -13C down to -22C. But hey, Dixie wants to go outside. Yesterday we dared to go out in the early afternoon and we were lucky enough to find that the trail along Lake Glensevern was protected from the westerly wind. So for about 1 hour we were outside braving the cold. As usual, Dixie was enjoying herself and I rolled with her in the fresh snow. She loves that.

So the pics, all taken with Bea's cell, show a lot of blue and white. Can you see the cold? 

Trail along Lake Glensevern

Playing Hide and seek..


  1. Glad you are making the most of this Frigid Weather.
    Keep an eye on Dixie's pads for Frostbite. It can happen to animals as well.
    Be Safe and keep Warm.

    It's about time.

  2. Good to see you guys getting out and enjoying yourselves. Much better than your political stuff for you and us too. :O)


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