Friday, December 7, 2018

December Is Finally Here, But Snow Is Gone For Now.

After the snow, came the cold. We don’t see our neighbours anymore, unless zipping by in their vehicles. It has been chilly on the beach, so more and more of our walks with Dixie has been happening in the woods. Some times we meet up with Dixie’s friend Beau.


                                     Oops, did I kill him…?

The other friends of her, the poodles, are gone. They are on the Florida panhandle with their owners.

Flooded by the low light of the sun the forest is changing character



                          Lots of nice trails in the Provincial Park

Tomorrow, I will be boarding a flight to St.Petersburg,FL where I will pick up a new vehicle, replacing Bea’s Buick. It’s a beautiful Chevy Conversion van. So there will be days spent on the road next week. So far the weather forecast is looking favorable for traveling.

A bit of a downturn today were the evolving headaches and nausea. I have been spending most of the day on the couch tucked away under blankets. Whenever I get these problems they last just one single day.

DSC_0118 DSC_0129                    Winter sunsets are the most beautiful


  1. Good to see you're getting some Florida time in and a new van for Bea.

  2. Hope you feel better today and a trip to Florida for a conversion van. that will be fun.

  3. Yup, feeling a lot better. Will enjoy + 25C tomorrow


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