Saturday, May 19, 2018

It's All About Dixie

I am still busy, but by getting up early at (6am) I manage to have some fun with Dixie. This morning we went to the beach again and she had a ball with running around, sniffing up some old crabs and digging holes into the soft sand. The sun was shining brightly causing glittering reflections on the calm Bay of Fundy. Not another soul around, we had it all to ourselves. What a paradise, indeed!

We kept it going for nearly an hour and were back home shortly after 8am. Dixie was now ready to take another nap in the shade, while I had to get myself down to the wharf to welcome a speedboat with 5 international visitors from St.Andrews.

Next point on my agenda was starting re-shingeling part of a wall on a neighbour' s car garage. I kept at it until 2:30pm when I called it quits for the day.

Even though we had a sunny day, temps were remaining in the high 50s. At least it kept the black flies at bay.


  1. Dixie digs a pretty respectable hole. Has she found any clams?

  2. Nice to spend some time of the beach with dixie, then get the rest of your day taken care of.

  3. Better digging for clams than Bea's garden !


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