Thursday, June 29, 2017

Lawn Tractor Fixed, Lawn Mowed And Firewood Stacked

When morning came, I had one major thing on my mind. I had to get the lawn mower running. Yesterday’s sputtering engine was only a part success. Armed with a screwdriver I started by removing the air filter. Next I removed the jet valve again. I found a slim nail and started poking through the valve stem. Soon the tiny holes on the side showed some dirt in the opening. I continued this procedure for several minutes until I was convinced that the thing was clean.

1-DSC_0025After remounting the valve I started the engine and it was running low idle. Adjusting the idle and mixture screws brought the RPM up to full speed.

I have never been great to repair engines and machinery, but this time I didn’t do too bad.

Now it was time to check out whether it would hold up for the mowing.

It did in a grand way. 1-20170629_18562890 minutes later I had done the entire property. The lawn tractor had been running like a Mercedes. I was already looking forward to Bea coming home from work, for nothing pleases a man more than showing off to his wife what he has accomplished. lol.

Next “accomplishment” would be to stack firewood in my “under-construction-shed”. But it turned out to be a hot day and there was not even a cooling breeze behind my garage. Pretty soon I was doused in sweat. Time to take a break and change to shorts. I celebrated with an ice cream and a coffee in the shade of our porch. Ahhh….


The last achievement for the day was building a door for my shed. Some old wood was joined with new wood and I got a door. I put on a hasp and it didn’t look half bad.


Bea’s garden is also coming along pretty good. We have already harvested the first lettuce heads and radishes.




  1. I also got a free Craftsman riding mower some years back...I was out for a morning walk in Seattle and saw this poor thing with flat tyres sitting on the parking strip of a house.
    I left a note on the door with my # and said I'd haul it away for free..The owner called me and told me it was mine.
    I drove one of my cars over with my sis and a compressor..She towed me the 10 blocks just cracking up with how we looked.
    Within an hour I had it running and it too was the carb...I think "BRUTE" has been mowing my acres swell for the past 8 years..Not in Seattle anymore, Chelan Wa...I smile everytime I turn the key and off we go!..What a deal!

  2. Good job Peter! Knew you could do it !

  3. Nice that you got the tractor running much better again, makes the lawn mowing much easier.


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