Sunday, June 4, 2017

I’m Sooo Ready For Summer

The month of May has been a real bummer and no summer. Lots of rain and cold wind blowing across the island hasn’t been too inviting.

Starting on June, the forecasted temperatures are showing some inclination for warming up a tad. Cherry blossom went over so fast I hardly saw them before they fell victim to inclement weather. I guess some apple trees are stillig showing blossoms, but it will be over soon as well.

What comes afterwards, we used to call summer and after the longest time the lilacs are finally in bloom.  I love lilacs for their big blooms and strong fragrance. Our purple lilac on the front house corner has made up for the long wait with extra many blooms this year, but the white lilac is also beautiful.

1-DSC_0350 1-DSC_0353

1-DSC_0352 1-DSC_0351

The better weather has made for a long number of projects I have been doing for our neighbours and in our own yard.

Repairing a deck down at the harbour has been a nice thing to spend time on and now I have started to install steel roofing on our garage.    


And the shop I built a few years ago, is finally getting fully shingled1-DSC_0355

So much to do!


The firewood shed is nearing completion as well.  The “siding” on the shed is set up with open slats so the wind can get in drying the firewood.

And like migrating birds summer visitors have been pouring on to the island as well.Very good for business.


I am really ready for summer.


  1. Nice to see that our weather is getting better and your projects will keep you busy enjoying the outside fresh air and sunshine.

  2. It has been a rainy cold spring this year in the northeast for sure.Looks like your roofing project and wood shed are coming together well,nice job.Has any work started on your neighbors house that was up for auction?


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