Friday, September 30, 2016

Night Rider

It is just 4:10am and I have found an open McD drive-through and gotten a coffee. Actually I was quite awake but good with a coffee from McD anyway. I could not send my daily report of yesterday as I was busy driving and had no WiFi. Left at around 7:30am yesterday and had a nice ride through North Dakota. However, the Twin Cities were a mess. Stop and Go all around on I-694, but finally made it through and into Wisconsin. Had a nice supper at a Denny’s and found a Wally World 20 km further down the road where I got myself to bed in the rear of the van. Was a quiet place and would be good for RV-overnight. At around 1:00am I woke up and was ready for another bout with the road. Riding through the night can be quite peaceful as there is little traffic. Some truckers are barreling down the road but city slickers are still asleep in their homes. I love that fast WiFi here at McD. works even outside in the parking lot.

Well, I better get on with the driving…..


  1. We don't do good driving in the dark anymore. Just too hard on the old eyes. You are definitely covering some territory. Have a great day.


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