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Friday, September 9, 2016

It Was Way Too Hot And Muggy Today

When I got up this morning the world looked its greyest. Fog was wavering around the island, the air was cool…and very wet. I went to the hotel to pick up a couple for an island tour.
The fog prevailed until we started on the return from Head Harbour Lightstation.
But then the sun broke through the fog and clouds and the temperature started rising and rising and rising….and it kept getting higher and the humidity was still there. It was 1:15pm before I was home, made some lunch and settled on the porch. The heat…..was so intense that it knocked me out in my chair. I assume it made me just sooo tired that I fell asleep (unheard of for me) and when I woke up I was feeling very, very hot, still tired and extremely unwell. When I got up I wobbled inside for a drink. But it didn’t help much. So I stayed inside the cooler house for a while. This was a kind of weather we usually don’t have. But the air came up from the south, without much wind I might add. Imagining that there are lots of people in the south-eastern states that live under similar conditions I know I could not stand it.

It’s 7pm now and I am still in the shade. It is still 80F and even the next 5 days are gonna stay unusually warm.


  1. I am down to Camden, Me and the humidity is getting to me too. There has also been lots of fog in the morning. I am avoiding the air conditioner but I may have to give in to it if this humidity doesn't go away.

  2. You asked on my blog why we didn't come to see you last year when we were in Maine. The truth of the matter is that we were both in the process of getting our passports renewed and couldn't come to Canada, even though the rest of our group did. Next time!


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