Sunday, September 4, 2016

An Evening Tour To The Lightstation, A New Boondocker And A Hike Along The Coast

Yesterday we got another boondocker visiting us on the island. And Toni is a blogger as well.
Needless to say but there is a ton of stuff to talk about with Toni.
It was a beautiful evening and since it was low tide we decided to show Toni the Head Harbour Lightstation. And thanks to a beautiful sunset It turned out to be one of the greatest walk-overs we ever had to the historic lighthouse.
But the weather was still holding up today, so I invited her for a hike to the “SunSweep Sculpture”.
We drove out to Liberty Point from where the 0.6-mile trail starts along the coastal cliffs, offering stunning views across empty rocky beaches.
It is a real jewel to hike along here. Once the trail turns off to Ragged Pont Peninsula we left the trees behind and followed the trail through stands of waist-high wildflowers.
Looking north, the view goes across another totally deserted cove and beach. There was not the slightest wind and the sea was like a mirror.  We actually met a few people on our return hike and all were smiling and some quite talkative.
We were back home at around 4:30pm and I had just entered the kitchen when the phone rang off the hook. It was from the Roosevelt Park Visitor center where 2 people were inquiring about taking an Island tour NOW.
So I had to jump in my guide outfit and get back on the road a.s.a.p. It turned out the folks were from Pennsylvania and had never been to Campobello. 2.5hrs later they knew a whole lot more about our island and thanked me over and over again for the tour. I like interested visitors like that.

And here’s a video I did about the island.


  1. It is such a beautiful area on the island there, you are so blessed to have settled there.

  2. Great lighting on the lighthouse-beautiful area.

  3. Absolutely beautiful pictures of your island!


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