Wednesday, August 31, 2016

To Campobello By Boat

The boat arrived at 10:35am bringing 10 visitors from the mainland, whereof 6 were to play golf on our very scenic 9-hole golf course, 2 were hikers and the last 2 were bound and booked for a van tour of the entire island.
1-20160829_101026     630 hp powered ZODIAC
I got them all installed in the van and off we went directly to the golf course. The hikers were dropped off at the beach and the rest started the van tour.  When my passengers got hungry we got to the FIRESIDE Restaurant for lunch, before we continued the island tour.
1-Fullscreen capture 8312016 83954 AM
At 4pm it was time to get both the hikers and the van-tour couple to the Wells-Shober Cottage for “Tea with Eleanor” (Roosevelt) Meanwhile the golfers enjoyed an early supper or late lunch at the FIRESIDE and shortly after 5pm i had them all together again for departure at the floating dock of the Roosevelt Park. 
Arriving at the beach we were greeted with whitecaps on the water, which brought out concerns whether the boat would be coming.
But it came, almost on time and the short video below shows the arrival.

The last thing I saw was the boat racing across the wild waters of the Passamaquoddy Bay. I am sure that none of the visitors will ever forget the day they visited on Campobello.


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