Saturday, August 27, 2016

Only A Year Ago I Would Have Taken Molly Along On This Walk

This would have been her favorite walk along the beach. She would have been riding on the rear seat of the convertible and then we would have strolled along this beautiful part of Herring Cove Beach. But now she was sleeping inside the house and I left her behind.
It was low tide when I got to the beach and large areas of seaweeds were exposed. The beach seemed so incredibly wide.
I climbed a rock which under a springtide often turns into a little rocky island.
It is strange how climbing a little elevation is changing the view.
A stiff warm westerly breeze made the pine trees above sing their sharply swishing melody.
The dark blue of the sea seemed to go on forever. 40 miles across the sea and one would land on the south-east coast of Nova Scotia.
Looking along Raccoon Beach, the cliffs are marked of erosion.
Storm waves have been licking along the cliff side taking away soil and making big trees topple over.
It is hard to find the right words for what I feel along this beach, but it is relaxation and a big calm and a great peace.


  1. Nature has a way of letting us know our place in this world.

  2. What a lovely peaceful area along the beach there, so relaxing.

  3. I think you found the perfect's beautiful !

  4. Absolutely gorgeous. Give Molly a hug for me.

  5. Absolutely gorgeous. Give Molly a hug for me.

  6. Molly is a sweetie. I love the walking along the beach. There's just something peaceful about it.

  7. So sorry to read about Molly. Our old boy, Tour, passed on last winter and I still miss him so much. Enjoy each day you can with her. I enjoyed reading your blog tonight, I haven't been keeping up lately. Sounds like you are having a nice summer! Loved the flower pictures.

  8. Peter, Got your message on my last Blog post. Thought I had your e-mail address but can't find it. Do you have mine so you could e-mail me.


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