Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Between Ranting And Running Did We Get Boondockers Come By

Holy Smokes!  It’s August!  I feel we just started our tourist season yesterday. But 2 months have gone. We have been very, very busy. Tours across the island have been requested like never before. And Bea has been “living” at the Motel. I see her under breakfast and then again just before supper.
Our garden has been requiring attention for the rest of her time.
2 days ago she went picking cherries and came back with a 5gal. pail of it. When the jam-production started we came home with big bags of sugar. It’s not only cherries now but red currant before that and now raspberries ….and then in just a few weeks, blackberries. WE LOVE JAM IN THE MORNING!
1-DSC_0787-0031-DSC_0785And right in between we got boondockers from the west coast coming by. A young family of international making from Richmond, BC. Rainer is German and his wife from Japan. They stayed with us for 2 nights before they had to head on to NYC. We hope to see them again one day. They are campers after our heart.
1-DSC_0790Whenever we have had friends coming by, the talk of the day was “The Donald” and his many tragic
embarrassments he is bestowing on the U.S.A.. Well, I say ”tragic” as they neither benefit his
candidacy, nor the international reputation of the United States. There is, however, a silver lining as they are benefitting the other presidential nominee and that is where this tragedy is going to save a Nation from catastrophe. So will we rather forget that those people who won’t see Mr. Trump enter the Oval Office, are going to be very, very much disappointed. But I assume they will soon overcome this. They will go back to be watching Fox News for another term. Ya know, he was the wrong horse to put your bet on.
I am happy to say that Campobello has been blessed with welcoming visitors who are happy to see the summer residence of one of the most outstanding democratic reform Presidents of the United States, Franklin D. Roosevelt.
But now I have to run….
   Sunset over Passamaquoddy Bay


  1. You've met some nice folks with your offer of an RV parking place. I'm a strawberry jam person. Love it with my toast.

  2. You are keeping yourself very busy and looks like enjoying some wonderful weather.


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