Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The Unbelievable Thing Happened

Yesterday was election day in Alberta and it was the most exciting day since Pres. Obama was elected for office.
For 44 years Alberta has been governed by the Progressive Conservative Party (PC).

Yesterday was their last day.
Resigning from the public:
Jim Prentice
20150506_073350Albertans had decided that they wanted CHANGE. And they elected the New Democratic Party (NDP) with Rachel Notley as their next Premier. It was a ground shaking event bringing the NDP to a solid majority in Parliament.

Alberta’s Premier elect:
Rachel Notley
20150506_080158Not only, lost the PC against the NDP but even the controversial “Wild Rose Party” defeated the long-time Dynasty of the corruption-ridden “Good-Old Boys-Party” and will now be the official opposition, putting the shriveling PC to the third rank in parliament.
Hopefully, the change will mark the end of “free-give-aways” to the oil- and gas industry. Ever since the price of oil plunged through several floors into the basement, the Alberta public economy has suffered huge losses. The PC failed on the proposal of a budget making up for the losses by letting Albertans pay for it, instead of increasing corporate taxes.

An increase of royalties to the oil industry may also be entering the debate.
Symbolic to the defeat of the PC-Party the weather has turned to create wintry conditions once again. Looking through my window I see drifting snow and a very grey sky. It is freezing cold –1C (31F) and traffic advisors are announcing white-out conditions on the highways.

It has now been snowing for 3-4hrs and we are having 15cm (6”) of accumulated snow on the ground. A fierce wind is producing higher snow drifts.
What a day!


  1. The election of the NDP in Alberta is a good result for the ordinary people of that province. The voters were obviously just sick and tired of the baloney about kow-towing to the oil industry and other major corporations who have made fortunes off of Alberta's natural resources without ever paying a fair tax on their profits.

    Congrats to the citizens of Alberta for putting their own interests ahead of the multi-national corporations.

  2. Prentice is rightfully getting raked over the coals for his cowardly exit. And congrats big time to Alberta.

  3. Yeah Alberta. Yikes to the snow and cold.


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