Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The Telus World Of Science

20150525_114725Another bus trip went to another Edmonton attraction: The Telus World Of Science, Undoubtedly financed by overcharging Canadian phone subscribers for decades. (Telus=telecommunications company) But at least the money spent was used for something useful – the further education of our youth for understanding complex scientific happenings in our world and history.
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The center is nestled in a park-like setting along 142 Street and attracts immediate attention by its futuristic architectural design. 
It was already a hot day when we arrived after a 3hr. bus ride. And our bus was not the only one at the center entrance. Kids from all over the province were waiting in a big pile-up to get through the entrance. The center boasts a number of exhibitions, an IMAX Theatre and an observatory.

While my group were exploring the inner makings of the center I had to kill 3 hrs waiting for them to re-emerge. I had parked the bus in rear of the parking lot and with no shade available the interior was heating up rapidly. So I fled the bus and retreated with a book onto a park bench, still in the shade of some blooming trees.
When it was time for lunch I crossed the street and found a Quiznos lunch place were I got a Turkey Ranch and Swiss sandwich and a coke. That’s almost 10 bucks in this city. I went back to my bench devouring my food, occasionally watching 2 other drivers who were hanging around their coaches. Eventually they would leave for Quiznos themselves.

Buses waiting in the hot sun

I read some more in my book, but finally the sun bathed my bench and the temps rose to be beyond my comfort. So, I put my book away closed the bus door and went across the street a second time to huddle for the last hour in a coffee place. Their coffee was Starbucks-style – bitter and without any good coffee aroma.
Finally, it was time to get back to the entrance. Of course, again, my bus wasn’t the only one. Also, a water truck occupied the circle driveway in front of the entrance, blocking access until he finally moved on a 100 feet so I could pass and sneak my way along 3 other buses parked on the side. Whoever planned that circular driveway was not a bus driver!!!
Last stop on this trip was a McDonald where our kids spent the better part of half an hour to take in their favorite food: BURGERS.
After 900kms I was back in the city a second time at 9:30pm, dropped off the bus and went home to Bea and a late supper.


  1. I used to love going there. Isn't the second picture the swimming pool though? I didn't think that was part of the TWOS area? Just asking, haven't been back home for a few years now.

  2. You're right Karyn. It's the pool house. But it kinda fits the general futuristic style.

  3. That looks like it would have been a fun day for the kids.


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