Friday, December 12, 2014

Molly Doesn’t Like The TV

Ever thought that we humans could profit of learning from animals? I did a couple of times and every time it was from a dog. Molly is no exception. As soon as I turn on the TV she’s leaving the living area and goes “to bed” in a corner besides our bed. Why? Probably it’s too loud or there is something else she doesn’t like. We can turn it down and yet she leaves our company. That’s OK with us. She is a 12yr.old lady and has a right to enjoy some peace.
And frankly, I think TV-watching has migrated into some kind of escape from reality. Take f.ex. those countless hapless afternoon shows. You seen one, you seen them all.  Naw…we don’t watch much of that.

Edmonton and most of Alberta is currently experiencing a warm-up which has brought day temps to +9C yesterday. Road ice has melted off and much snow has disappeared.

I am still watching the decline of the oil prices. (under 59Dollars/barrel) Already has there been dire warnings from the Alberta Premier announcing adjustments to Provincial Budgets. I have spoken to oil workers telling me that the lay-offs have started to take effect for all “projects”. Yesterday, the Bank of Canada let us know that Real Estate especially in the western part of the country, is overvalued by anywhere between 10—30%. The “Black-Suits” in the oil towers of Calgary are popping up in the media announcing their concerns. I suspect that this will lead to a slashing of wages over the next 6 months. They always do this.

Soon it will be time to moving home.


  1. Replies
    1. My remark was more directed to all those oil workers being here from the Maritimes. No, we are not moving back at this time. We won't be directly affected by any future downturn of the economy.

  2. Love that Molly girl. Beautiful and smart. The market sure isn't happy about the oil situation - seems to be dropping rapidly. I'm sure this is affecting the Bakken in ND and MT also.

  3. Smart dog. There's not much on TV worth watching. I would wager that there's a high pitched sound that only she can hear, that is present even when you lower the volume. Just a hunch.


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