Monday, December 29, 2014

It’s About 5 Years Ago That It Happened

I have enjoyed 3 days off work schedule and this morning was going to be the last morning of those 3 days. I got up, made coffee and was perusing the internet for a while.
While boiling coffee water I noticed that our drinking water supply which we keep in a separate container, was getting low. So after breakfast I went outside to refill the container as well as our freshwater tank. We just can’t keep a constant water line connected to the trailer. It would all freeze up. Now, you all know those 5 gallon jugs you see in most stores. We have one of those and I had filled that one. It was pretty slippery outside and I had trouble with keeping my feet under me, when I grabbed that jug to get it to the entry door. Lifting the full jug I kind of slipped a bit but got myself righted up. The very instant I did that, a sharp pain shot through my lower back and I came up crooked to the door. Man….I was hurting. Somehow I got inside the trailer confessing to Bea. My old back pain had caught up with me. Last time that happened was about 5 years ago.

As soon as I moved around excruciating waves of pain started up, so I just sank down in a chair.
heat bottleBea made me a bottle of hot water which was placed behind my back. It did feel good and now, after several hours of that treatment, I feel somewhat better.

hexenschuss_hebenIn Germany it’s called Hexenschuss (witch shot)
I am hoping the best for tomorrow’s work when I have to lift people’s baggage again.

We had a busy Christmas, working all the time, but it was also rewarding to meet a lot people who had to travel during the holidays.
While the weather has stayed mild over Christmas, it has now taken on a different pattern. Night temps are down to –20C and day highs are around –15C. That is still not too bad knowing that Alberta can be in a deep freeze of more than –30C this time of the year.

Happy New Year!


  1. OUCH !!! I've had years of back pain to the point of needing surgery in my 30's. Hope this is temporary for you !!

  2. sorry to hear about your pain. Prayers for quick and permanent relief. I have two water bottles warming my bed up...Joe's in Portland this week.

  3. I have back issues for over 35 years. I usually use ice and heat alternatively then massage,but whatever works for you is great. Get better soon sure is not fun.

  4. I too am one with a history of severe disabilitating back pain but have been trouble free for about 10 years now. No matter which way you slice it minus anything sounds way to cold for this fella. Thought of you guys this afternoon when we were heading east on I-8 & went past the Holtville exit.

  5. So sorry that had to happen. Hope you are able to work. Best take some time off to heal.

  6. Geez, sorry to hear about your back pain, Peter. Since you need to lift luggage for your job, I was wondering if a good back brace, like the ones they wear at Costco or other work places, would help you. You know, those black braces? You could put on a shirt, then the brace, then an outside shirt and your jacket, no one would know you're wearing it. I see people wearing them on the outside, too.

    I hope it goes away soon.

    Happy New Year to you and Bea! I hope to see you guys next winter at Hot Springs. :)


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