Sunday, December 7, 2014

An Interesting Thought

Some folks might have been a tad surprised by reading the headline of my last posting. Rest assured, we are not gonna go ahead with this truly crazy idea. But for the fun of it I went and checked monthly mortgage payments IF someone would be eligible for a 25Mill mortgage. At a 4% interest and over a 30 years amortization period the monthly payments would be a staggering USD118,000. Even working 24/7 with an hourly wage of $163.88 (daily $3,933.33) wouldn't leave us 1 cent for paying any bills or the daily food.

And that tells me that people who actually can afford such luxuries are earning an indecent income if compared to the 99% of the rest of the population.

And it’s not of any real concern for me as I don’t care for that 1% of the population who actually make that kind of money.

Anyway, it’s Sunday and we are having the 2. of Advent. The Alberta weather is showing its sunny side. Temperatures just barely under the freezing mark let us take Molly on a nice walk. And it’s even getting warmer for the coming week.

Let’s get the shorts out and re-open the swimming pool!

Thanks for dropping by!


  1. I sometimes wonder how much some of those places really go for. Asking for a certain amount is a far cry from actually getting it. I think that one will be on the market for a little while.. Hope your "good" weather holds up for a while.

  2. I'm so disappointed. I thought we could all stay at your place in Palm Springs next year. Now you say you don't intend to make the purchase ... so sad.


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