Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Wonder Of My Roadrunner Posting And An Alarm Went Off!

Every day I am again amazed about the number of page views a certain posting I have made on February 06-2013 is still getting.  It was my posting about the roadrunner I’m talking about, which has caused the excitement. Until today it received 4171 page views. So is the roadrunner the most popular bird in the world? It sure is one of the funniest looking ones and it’s ways to move (run) seems to be unique.

I am curious to see whether this posting will continue to be the most read in my blog.

A small cruise ship came by today and it is this year’s only one. About 100 passengers were tendered to shore and went through the Roosevelt Cottage.
They also had “Tea with Eleanor”, which has become the most popular feature event in the park. 
As the U.S. Government shut-down continues people who intended to visit the Acadia National Park are now coming up to Campobello and the Roosevelt Campobello International Park instead.
After taking a few shots of the cruise ship I stopped by Jocie’s Porch which has the world’s best coffee, and had me a chat with a local fisherman. I was told an almost unbelievable story that an alarm had been sent over VHF-Radio about a car drifting in the strong current of the Narrows. It turned out that one of our neighbours had left the car in gear when getting out and that the car had continued on its own and finally hit the steep embankment and slipped into the water. Thanks God, nobody was in the car, though it is not clear whether the owners dog was still in the vehicle.
I guess this is one of the things which can happen with automatic transmissions.


  1. I think people love the Road Runner because of the cartoon character. Of course, they don't look like the cartoon but they are still interesting.

  2. So it looks like even the silliest of deeds bring good fortune to others:)

  3. I can't imagine how I would feel knowing my car was floating away. I love roadrunners. And I agree with Jeri - I really think the cartoon has a lot to do with all the interest in it.

  4. I love photos of Roadrunners, they are so different looking. I just clicked on that post and see the photos. I'll bet the page views will go waaaaay up now! :)


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